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“Everything is amazing but nobody cares. Nobody but you.” So, I am finally allowed to post this up online. Here is the first promotional image from a comic project I will be co-writing with Jeremy Holt and handling all of the art chores for. More info coming soon. Enjoy!
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TAAFI BG Bumpers.

Back in late February, I was asked by Sam Chou to work alongside a handful of artists to create the bumper for TAAFI.  Since both of my shots have been published (in both print and web) via the National Post, I am assuming I am in the clear with posting these up. I handled everything […]
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“A Good Wife” BG Process

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Mr. Puzzle Head.

You will be seeing a lot more of this guy in the future.  Brace yourself!
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Storyboard / Final Comparisons.

I had to put some “behind the scenes” files together so I thought I’d post some of them here. Enjoy!
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“A Good Wife” Full Film. Finally, after 9 months of hard work (and then sitting on it for some time) my final year film “A Good Wife” is finally online.  I have to give a big thank you to the incredible Cyrille Marchesseau, who created a beautiful score for my film.  Thanks, and enjoy!
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An Update on “A Good Wife”.

I’ve been getting some emails about my final year film “A Good Wife” and I thought I’d make a small post about the status of the project. The film is 97% done, production is complete, I received an incredible score from the talented Cyrille Marchesseau – all that is left is the final sound mix… […]
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Here’s a quick sketch of a character from a story I was working on a little while back. I don’t know how original of an idea it is but I liked the surreal image it created. The project’s pretty much disappeared so who knows if the story will ever see the light of day… As […]
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Break Line – Babette Hayward

Alright, this has been in the works for quite some time but finally it’s online! A collaboration between myself, Babette Hayward and Benjamin Anders. Big thanks to Andrew Tidby for his gear and tips.
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Little bit of a tease…

Here is a trailer for a music video I shot with my friend Babette Hayward back in May. The full video should be up soon but for now enjoy this little teaser for her song “Break Line“.
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A Good Wife 3.

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Orange BG Test.

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A Good Wife Trailer.

Thank you everyone for all the comments, I really appreciate it. I’m still tweaking some things but I will post up the finished film when it is complete. As always, enjoy!
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