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Conversing Elephant

I drew this up while I was up north in Collingwood / Blue Mountain ( and drawn from reference).  Anyways, I’ve been busy working on some side projects along with managing the day job. Some real work coming soon, I promise.  Until next time…
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Black Cat.

An old drawing that I did for a sketch thing Kris Anka was doing… I failed of course, but at least I got this one gem out of it.  Tried to channel Hughes a little bit in this… anyways, all the best.
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Blast Off.

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I can’t help myself but spin…

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My blog may be acting up as of late… I’m sorry if that’s the case – I’m just been very busy with some freelance gigs along with starting a new job. Regardless, thank you for the comments and checking out my work.  I’ll have new stuff to show soon, until then enjoy!
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A doodle I did for Daily Draw February over at Satellite Soda. Click the image to see the full thing (she’s naked so there’s your warning). Just a random woman with McQueen’s shoes. Enjoy!
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Elephant & Converse.

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I was playing around with an old painting over breakfast and came up with this… I probably don’t need to mention that I was somewhat inspired by James Jean’s recent work.
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Something I’ve been sitting on for a while now, originally drawn after seeing Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”.  The windows in the BG were taken from one of Degas’ paintings.  Enjoy!
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Here’s a quick sketch of a character from a story I was working on a little while back. I don’t know how original of an idea it is but I liked the surreal image it created. The project’s pretty much disappeared so who knows if the story will ever see the light of day… As […]
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Another Gaga sketch that’s been sitting on my HD catching dust. Cheyenne posted up hers so I thought I’d post mine. There are some anatomical issues but it was just a painting test at the time… Click the image above to see the full version – (caution there are nipple pasties involved).
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Government Hooker.

I don’t know if this will ever get completed… so here it is.
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The Swedish Sphinx.

Just a quick little painting I did two nights ago for ‘Les Dames’.  Click the image to see more Greta’s.  
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Toronto FanExpo!

Just a quick update letting you know that I will be at FanExpo this year, at the Image Comics booth (130).  I will be available for sketches/commissions; if you are interested, email me to get on the list.  Books and prints will be available as well. If you have trouble spotting me, look for the guy with […]
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